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Glimmer of Hope

I should be writing about my music, however I have another job which takes up a lot of my time and thoughts.  I work as an Undertaker for a small, family run business on the outskirts of Sheffield, a perfectly normal yet also equally abnormal job. There has been speculation about whether my writing is inspired by this career choice and I honestly couldn’t tell you, but what I can say is that no matter how dark some of my songs may appear, there is normally a line in them that allows a small glimmer of hope. This is the same with the funerals that I work, no matter how sad the occasion, I have seen even the biggest of men reduced to tears as they say their final farewell to a loved one, yet there is always someone there to offer them that glimmer of hope and a shoulder to support them. So maybe my songs are inspired by the job I do, or maybe, just maybe, I am inspired by the glimmer of hope that we all have the ability to share.